Current Projects

  • To Develop a Multiscale Modelling Framework for Mechanical Properties of ECM

    Keywords:  Hierarchical multiscale modelling, Mechanical behaviour, Extracellular Matrix

  • A novel multiscale modelling technique to explore mechanical deformation of nanowires in high-performance devices

    Keywords: Nanowire,Multiscale modelling,Surface effect

  • Innovative Multiscale Modelling to Explore Mechanical Properties of Single Living Cells

    Keywords: Multiscale modelling, Meshfree method, Atomic modelling, Single living cells, Mechanical properties

  • Optimising gaseous and particulate emissions from diesel engines

    Keywords: Internal combustion engines, particulate emissions, dual fuel technology, Alternative fuels, transport emissions

  • Australian Solar Thermal Research Initiative (Node 3 ASTRI) P31A: Supercritical CO2 Systems – Power Block; P32: Power block alternatives and performance optimisation

    Keywords: Optimisation, Organic Rankine Cycles, Supercritical Co2, Turbine Design

  • Next-generation expanders for renewable power applications: dealing with variability and uncertainty

Completed projects

  • A New Generation High Crash Energy Absorbing Barrier for Improved Road Safety

    Keywords: Road Safety Barrier, Crash Energy Absorption, Flexible, Polymeric Foams, Composites

  • An Innovative System for Accurate Bending of Fracture Fixation Plates in Orthopaedic Surgery

    Keywords: Finite Element Analysis, Bone Fracture Fixation, Metal Deformation, Computational Model, Plastic Deformation, Bending Control

  • Advanced Computational Techniques for Micro/Nano Multiscale Systems of NEMS/BioMEMS

    Keywords: Computational mechanics, NEMS